Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Raptor-Fest at Potters Crouch

Raptors galore - Red Kite, Hobbies and Common Buzzard (Dan Forder)

A walk along the footpath to the west of the Potters Crouch Plantations yesterday late morning / early afternoon produced 2 RED KITES continuously doing a circuit of the field to the NW and at least 2 COMMON BUZZARDS, one of which was involved in aerial combat with the two kites.

A Female Common Kestrel was hunting from the hay bales, a Female Sparrowhawk driting over the wood, a single juvenile BARN SWALLOW powering S in a very direct flight then 7 of various age more casually passing through later.
The highlight was 3 HOBBIES hunting over the W side of the wood, 2 Juveniles then later joined by an adult, greeting each other with excited calls, the Juveniles also seen seeing off the Kestrel & the Buzzard involved in the eariler squabble (Dan Forder)

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