Monday, 16 November 2009

LESSER REDPOLLS in Hemel Hempstead

I went for an hours walk around Bunker's Park, Hemel Hempstead, Sunday afternoon to see if I could find Redpolls. This is my first winter in this area and I haven't seen them here before but thought the young mixed woodland scattered with larger birch may be a goods place to look.

Within 15 minutes I found a noisy charm of Goldfinches at the top of a tall tree so i stood in the cover of a birch across the path and searched through them with no luck. Then as I turned to pick up my rucksack a small bird zipped past me and landed about 4 meters away. Yes it was a LESSER REDPOLL and as i looked up, another 8 or 9 more, all in the tree I was stood in! They were very mobile but fairly approachable and only called when in flight. A Robin was also in full song. See images above (Dan Forder)


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