Friday, 26 March 2010

Yet another OSPREY at Amwell - 3rd this spring so far

An OSPREY over Amwell NR from 17.15-17.20 this evening was an enjoyable sighting for Ron Cousins and myself. We first saw it more or less level with the viewpoint, it hovered briefly over the lake and made its way slowly in a generally north westerly direction - circling and changing direction repeatedly - when it reached the edge of Ware town it began gaining height with each circle and we eventually lost it still heading NW. This was particularly pleasing having narrowly missed the 2 that went through last Saturday - I missed the second one by just a couple of minutes.

This was the best bird of a pretty decent week that included Mandarin Duck last Friday, Red Kite and Peregrine on Sunday, Ring-necked Parakeet on Monday and Wheatear on Tuesday.

Also this week up to 10 Little Egrets still roosting, Swallow on a couple of dates, up to 10 Sand Martins and up to 30 Linnets daily (Barry Reed)

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