Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Breeding success for RUDDY DUCKS


Well, we finally got the rain that we were forecast and that which was desperately needed. It was on and off all day but did not amount to much.

Joan T was keen to see some of my EDIBLE DORMICE so we arranged to meet and I showed her two of the adults. At the same time, we checked out a private area and talking to another birdwatcher we met, was delighted to confirm breeding RUDDY DUCK - a female accompanying five quite well grown chicks - fantastic news.

We also saw an excellent selection of waterfowl including 121+ Gadwall (including many young), at least 4 broods of Northern Pochard (5, 5, 3 & 3), a pair of eclipse-plumaged SHOVELER, at least 6 broods of Tufted Duck (the largest of 7), a pair of Mute Swan with one cygnet, 8+ Little Grebes including 4 young, Sparrowhawk, 66 Black-headed Gulls (including 8 juveniles), Common Terns (feeding 3 chicks) and male Common Kingfisher.

In Lodge Lane, Little Chalfont, the fields opposite Cross Lane Farm had been mowed and harboured 4 Stock Doves, 11 Carrion Crows (including numerous juveniles), 3 Red Kites and a total of 10 European Barn Swallows (including two locally fledged family groups)

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