Thursday, 26 August 2010

RUFF and GREENSHANK at Tyttenhanger

I was lucky to arrive at the hide just before a heavy shower set in, and thought that it might bring something down. I was joined by Steven Pearce, and after a few minutes he picked a wader flying in and landing on the spit, and although viewing conditions were appalling through the driving rain, we could see that it was a RUFF, probably a female. It flew up a couple of times with the Lapwing flock and came down in the same place, but when it flew up a third time we lost sight of it and didn't see it land, but neither did we see it fly off, so it may still be there.

The Greenshank were on the new puddle! The recent rain has led to shallow puddles forming on the cleared area, and the Greenshank were taking advantage. I don't suppose that it will last long, but there wasn't any work taking place so it may last a few days. There was also a Common Sand on the fishing lake (David Booth)

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