Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Whitwell Area

Took a look along the road that runs between Lilley and Whitwell this morning and found a large number of Red Kites, most notably a loose group of 11 circling around near Breachwood Green at TL155230. I also saw one Red kite well north of this point and two at Whitwell; I think these were all different birds but there is a small chance that I saw the same bird twice.

Whitwell Cress beds had four Little Egrets and a Green Sandpiper present when I first looked. I then found 5 more Little Egrets in a field nearby which took off and joined the other Egrets on the Cress bed.

There were a few gulls on the field to the north of Whitwell including Common Gulls and a couple of Kestrels were seen along the route (Alan Gardiner)

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