Wednesday, 4 January 2012

NORTON GREEN and the shrike

The site is very, very muddy at the moment so bear that in mind when visiting in your ''work clothes'' - wellington boots are desired. It will take a good eight minutes to walk to the north end of the site where the bird is favouring and it is best to park by the gate at the most southerly access point (better still and to be on the safe side opposite the pub in the hamlet)

Be very careful when viewing near the traveller's camp - the dogs are dangerous and will bite. Also, be extremely careful not to be seen to be 'scoping/photographing towards the encampment - this will only rile up the travellers and if they realise there is a lot of interest going on, it could have serious repercussions

If you stand and 'scope from 60 yards south of the camp ridge, you are out of sight and can still easily get good views of the shrike when it pops out of the hawthorns and scrub

The bird is still present and showing well today (per Darrel & Mike Ilett)

Lee Evans

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