Tuesday, 28 February 2012

KINGFISHERS on River Lea at Batford Springs

This morning I watched two Kingfishers chasing each other round and around, at a height of c20 m and calling constantly, over the allotments bordering the River Lea in Batford. I'm not sure whether this was a territorial dispute, or a courtship activity (?), but they were really going for it! This is about 400-500 m upstream from where I usually see 'my' regular pair (near the ford at the Batford Mill), so again I'm not sure if these are likely to be a separate pair of the Batford Mill birds... how far do Kingfisher territories usually extend along a river.Whatever, after moving from an agricultural local-patch in S Beds with no water bodies, to here, it is a delight to have often multiple connections with Kingfishers on a near-daily basis.

Also this morning, a single Grey Wagtail, and an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull flying NW along the river and presumably migrating, as I have not seen this species here before and it is not on a typical post-roost flying route (Jason Chapman)

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