Wednesday, 16 May 2012

WHITE STORK still in the county

Just been watching a WHITE STORK over Hitchin, 12.30 approx. My house on the SW edge of Letchworth gives a good view over Hichin. I was first attracted by a large bird thermalling high over Hitchin, then getting better views with my scope from my bedroom window the bird proved to be a Common Buzzard; a second then came into view and both slowly moved off north. After a few minutes scanning with my bins I picked up another bird comming in high from the South, 'scoping confirmed my initial thoughts that it was a White Stork I watched it for about 20mins; for a while it came down to tree top height over the houses on the NW side of the town and must have given good views, it finally circled up and went out of my view to the South.

Roger Millard

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