Thursday, 6 September 2012

More selfish suppression from HILFIELD

They just don't want to know. They just want their own little private nature reserve, yet have the opportunity to twitch birds the rest of us find. In mid August, they enjoyed a WOOD SANDPIPER that spent most of the day on the dam and invited a few trusted souls who wouldn't divulge the news to see it. Thanks a bunch. The only Wood Sand in Herts this year - I'm probably not going to see one now.

And no reason for it - absolutely none - only total selfishness

Everybody in the world knows that Black-necked Grebes breed at Hilfield and according to the signs all around the site, are protected by 24 hour camera surveillance. Black-necked Grebe - a species with a population of over 4 million in Europe alone. And don't believe the hype - egg thieves are not targeting these - not when they can walk up to BNG nests and take the eggs out of them in Cambs and Tyne & Wear. In fact, as everyone knows, these grebes would be far safer if we were ALL allowed access to the site and not just the privileged few. Birders should be more concerned in condemning this coalition, what with plans of extending Heathrow Airport and driving HS2 through miles and miles of unspoilt Bucks countryside. And Boris Johnson - he wants an airport in the Thames.......

Oh and before I forget, this is the very reason why I no longer post or supply my sightings to the Hertfordshire Bird Club. Apparently they are in cohoots with this policy - the Wood Sandpiper being submitted to the website but never posted. And the very reason why I no longer provide Bucks with any records either, not after I was specifically targeted of NOT being told about the Wilstone Savi's Warbler by those that are involved with the production of the Bucks Bird Report. Remember, there are a lot of selfish birders in this region who do NOT want you to hear about nice birds - they just want to keep them within their little clique. And the Savi's was an absolute disgrace - Sri Lankan and the others all trespassing out in the reedbed in an attempt to see it whilst two-facedly claiming that's what others would do if 'Evans was told about it - bloody cheek

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