Monday, 12 August 2013

Response from Alan Gardiner when approached about HBC's policy towards Monk Parakeets

Since you are not a supporter of the HNHS or the Herts Bird Club any of its policies are none of your business. This reply is my own personal view (Alan Gardiner, spokesperson for HBC, and the man that continually denies me my say on the Hertsbirding email group by censoring my emails)

What a bloody cheek! I have input many thousands of bird records onto the HBC Website and he claims I am not a supporter of it and how they use my Monk Parakeet records is none of my business. What's this guy on? The attitude of the HBC never fails me. For years they refused to allow any information coming out of HPR and then what - devote several pages in the latest Bird Report highlighting the history of Black-necked Grebes there.

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