Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Celebrity WRYNECK

Wryneck, Stonyhills disused airfield, 2 September, Alan Reynolds

A lot of us gathered at Stonyhills yesterday morning (including Ron Cousins, Jeff Bailey, Alan Reynolds, Ernest Leahy) and after a lot of grafting, eventually located the WRYNECK in the short scrub. Once located, we managed to keep on it for some time, both Alan, Ron and I firing off a lot of shots. Otherwise, the bird is very skulking and difficult to find.

DETAILED DIRECTIONS: From Stapleford village, take Church Lane towards Stonyhills and after less than a mile park sensibly at the entrance track to Southend Farm. Walk back down the narrow lane to the first sharp bend, crossing the stile into the field and walking just 50 yards to the scrub to view.

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