Tuesday, 11 November 2014

ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD still in residence - and now a SHORT-EARED OWL

Over at HAY STREET, the juvenile ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD continues to draw in admirers from all over the Southeast region - showing very well as it routinely carries out a hunting circuit from its base in Hay Lane Plantation. It can be easily seen from Hay Lane (just off of the A10 north of the Braughing roundabout) or from the footpath that leads away south from the lane. It has now been joined by a SHORT-EARED OWL, venturing out from cover from about 3.30pm depending on weather conditions

PARKING: there is only sufficient parking in Hay Lane for about 8 cars at the maximum so best to park in Braughing and walk up

Here is a selection of IAN WILLIAMS' outstanding shots of the ROUGH-LEG followed by my record shots of the SHORT-EARED OWL from last night...

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