Monday, 21 November 2016

Now 2 GREAT WHITE EGRETS at Tyttenhanger

No longer the rarity that it was. In fact, so numerous now that Rare Bird Alert in Norwich have now dropped it from their national transmissions! However, when Steve Blake texted me to say that there were now 2 GREAT WHITE EGRETS at Tyttenhanger GP, I had to make the effort, as Hertfordshire has only had two together before - at Amwell GP on 6-7 August 2014. Interestingly, one had striking cream-orange coloured legs - very odd - but the loral area was lime green so must be a Great White rather than a Great Blue! Although both were together in the NE corner of the main pit when I arrived in pouring rain, the pale-legged bird then relocated on to the fishing pit with 4 Little Egrets. The long-staying DUNLIN was still present too

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