Sunday, 7 February 2010

HAWFINCH in Broxbourne Woods

Did my usual trip to the eastern end of the Broxbourne Woods complex, parking at the Martins green car park and walking north along Ermine Street to do my usual circuit then back to the traditional Hawfinch roost for a weekly check. As I reached the entrance to Danemead NR, I clearly heard a loud ticking call that could only be one bird ! After a quick scan of the tree tops, I located a male HAWFINCH about 50yds in front of me. It was calling loudly from the top branches for about 30 seconds and then flew lower down into a Hornbeam where it showed very well and started to give the full song with low piping and warbling notes in between ticks for around five minutes. It was eventually flushed by two horses galloping up Ermine Street -my best view ever of Hawfinch (Laurence Drummond)

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