Thursday, 25 February 2010

Hemel PEREGRINE still roosting

For anyone who wants to see the PEREGRINE FALCON in Hemel Hempstead who hasn't already, it was sat at it's roost this morning very obviously & easy to see even just from the car if you drive past (as my Dad did at about half ten, from the roundabout). It isn't normally on show in full daylight so today is a good opportunity to see if you have the chance.

Just incase anyone needs reminding, it usually sits on the top of the furthest right of the four beige 'columns', on the North face of the old BT centre East of the 'Magic Roundabout / Plough Roundabout' in the corner between St. Albans Road & Lawn Lane (opposite the huge old Kodak headquarters, now 'Image' apartments being rebuilt). TL 055 700 (Dan Forder).

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