Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Luke Massey - remember that name

For a while, I mistakenly wasted considerable time replying to emails from this so-called intrepid bird photographer - as I believed he was about to follow in the wake of up-and-coming birder Dan Forder. How wrong could I have been?

It turned out in reality that once within a certain 'inner circle' of selfish local birdwatchers centring on the St Albans/Welwyn area, he was able to see some of their birds and withhold them from the rest of the Hertfordshire Brding Community. Not only that, once enjoying a stunning male Ring Ouzel at Beech Farm - a very rare bird locally - he would flaunt it in the face of others by showing off his record shots of the bird on the Hertfordshire Bird Club website.

So, if you are into keeping birds quiet and denying others the enjoyment of watching them, remember the name Luke Massey so you can contact him. It's funny how quick him and his entourage were at chasing a Short-eared Owl round at Wallington less than a week later. He is yet another one of those so-called amateur photographers who wants to get closer to every bird, setting up hides all over in his attempt.


  1. Luke Massey is a saint you hear me, a goddamn saint.

  2. The terrible sign of a jealous bird watcher. It sounds like luke should stop putting birds in cages and hiding them, oh wait he isn't, you were just too stupid to find the birds on your own. take this blog down it's embarrassing.

  3. I'm confused. From the info I've gathered from your blog posts you've said:

    "Luke Massey was selfishly told to suppress a male RING OUZEL at Hatfield Aerodrome on Sunday 17 April by the finder for reasons so far unknown. Thankfully, Luke posted an image of the bird on the HBC website and the news eventually got out"


    "From the confirmation of the location that Luke Massey has provided..."

    Then in this one you attack him for holding back the information?! Huge contradiction to say the least. Then of course from your first post it sounds like Luke was asked not to repeat the location, so he followed that persons wishes - you can hardly attack someone for that. And if you must, attack the person who requested that. Don't shoot the messenger.

    A public personal attack on someone like this, when there is no apparent actual reason for the attack is laughable at best, and given the contradictions you've posted yourself they just make you look highly resentful of someone who may well have a better approach to wildlife viewing than yourself. Setting up a hide so as not to disturb the wildlife, hardly a crime. Do you attack Simon King for using a hide too?. I don't know you are, who you think you are, or why you appear to think you're owed anything, but I think the only thing to do here to save any face is make a public apology to Luke for such unprofessional and childish behaviour. But I suspect you won't do that, which is probably a good thing because that will just make you look even more like a bear with a grumpy head than you already do.

    Now, lets all get back to enjoying nature shall we and stop all this childish behaviour.

  4. The biggest crime in birding is suppression and somebody who feels proud of such deed deserves everything that may come his way. This Ring Ouzel suppression was purposeful - and unforgiveable. I wouldn't mind but I wasted an awful lot of time and energy writing emails advising and helping a young Luke Massey go about his birding and find interesting birds - never again.

    Mark Waite, Paul Moss and Luke Massey are all in bed together - all as bad as each other - all guilty of suppression in this instance - and none welcome at other birds in the county other than those they find themselves

  5. WOW. One of the biggest dummy spits I've seen in some time! So humorous that rather than read and laugh to myself, I've been compelled to write a comment! I don't really know the ins and outs of any of these people, and can only go by the facts presented, which are:

    1) Luke spots a bird
    2) He doesn't give out the info at request of person who told him
    3) He gets attacked for it (although, as Steven points out, thanked first in a previous blog post by you for giving enough info to find it?!? make your mind up!)

    Lee, I'm sure you're a nice guy really but all that appears to be for sure based on the info on your own blog, is that you have one giant chip on your shoulder. I've looked at your profile and see you have quite a few years experience with birding, that's great, but it doesn't put you on a pedestal where you 'have' to be told all site info regardless of if it's been asked to be shared or not. And, given your experience I would have expected you to set an example and deal with this in a mature manner. It's been both disappointing and embarrassing to read the way you've handled yourself here.

  6. We don't even know why he was asked to keep it quiet.

    Was it private land? Maybe.

    Did the informant want to keep the area free of a mass arrival of twitchers and thus risk make the bird move on? Maybe.

    But my money would be on the fact it's more likely it was another person you've rubbed the wrong way in the past and they don't want to help you out.

    I thought after reading the initial outburst that you might have had a bad day. But having read your follow up reply, it's clear you have a pretty big attitude problem - and I'll be honest, with the way you've conducted yourself on here I'd be embarrassed to be a member of any club you're associated with and I'd think twice about giving you any information as well.

  7. Get off Lee's back. You're not fit to cleaN his bins

  8. Charming. A couple of people point out the contradictions posted and someone that Lee must be 'in bed with' (to coin the phrase) starts throwing insults about as well. Thanks Paul, that helps paint a picture of the people Lee hangs around with and helps to exlplain his attitude.