Thursday, 21 April 2011

RING OUZELS at Hatfield Aerodrome

Luke Massey was selfishly told to suppress a male RING OUZEL at Hatfield Aerodrome on Sunday 17 April by the finder for reasons so far unknown. Thankfully, Luke posted an image of the bird on the HBC website and the news eventually got out. Even better, the bird and another male are both present today and showing well - both Steve Blake and Mick Frosdick connecting with them this evening.

Alan Gardiner has very kindly provided this essential access information

''From the confirmation of the location that Luke Massey has provided, the grid reference is TL199 086. There are bare areas of ground and earth banks in that general area which was very wet in the early part of the year.

Those of you who have been there in the past might remember the aircraft fuselage that was there which used to provide a perch for Little Owls. It must have been removed about 6 years ago at least.

The big hedgerow that runs along the area is always worth a look as it can hold Redstart as well as being the usual place that Ring Ouzels seem to frequent''

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