Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Despite my dip yesterday, Darrel connects with the MERLIN

Along with Dave Beer and Steve Lane, went searching for the Great Grey Shrike this morning.We spent 2 hours on site but to no avail.We did however have 2 Common Crossbills flyover calling , followed shortly by 12 Lesser Redpolls. Also a nice Red Kite seen from Coombe Road.

We then drove the short distance to Wallington and parked up by the gates , from where the Quail were viewed a couple of years ago. As soon as we got out of the car we noticed a small raptor at around 100 yards range in the bare field on the opposite side of the road. Indeed it was the MERLIN that has been in the area for the past couple of weeks. It gave great scope views for approx 5 minutes at around 12.30 when it flew to the opposite side of the road. The bird stayed grounded for a further 5 minutes and also clashed with a Kestrel, before returning to settle. The bird eventually flew over towards the radio masts until lost out of view (Darrel Bryant)

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