Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Frustrating warbler


Spent a lot of time at Hilfield Park Reservoir today but difficult viewing and with putative CCTV on site, one has to be careful at which point you enter. There was the odd person inside, mainly looking in just one area, but the bird is mobile and seemingly, often on its own. At one stage it would have been viewable from the perimeter fence, about 75 yards along from the main airport hangar and 50 yards from the white airport buildings. There is still so much foliage on the trees that getting full views of any of the smaller birds in there is extremely difficult. Its favoured place does seem to be a line of coniferous trees not that far from the viewing platform.

Apparently Joan Thompson is in charge of proceedings and allowing access when she is in there; contact her on 07773 910 384. She was certainly in there today and yesterday but I don't know if she has actually seen the bird.

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