Thursday, 26 February 2009


At least 6 BLACK-NECKED GREBES have returned to a regular breeding site in South Hertfordshire, one of which was almost in full breeding attire.
Four birds had first arrived last week, coincident with a Ruddy Duck cull conducted by the CSL, in conjunction with Defra. Not only does Defra kill Ruddy Ducks at the wintering and staging post of the Black-necked Grebe (Staines Reservoirs) but also at its breeding ground. Outrageous behaviour and totally unacceptable.
Just 9 RUDDY DUCKS survived the onslaught.


Eurasian Wigeon (45 on the Water Meadow by Stocker's Farm)
**SMEW (both an adult drake and a redhead were visible from 'Shoveler Hide'
LITTLE OWL (1 by the meadow)

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