Monday, 23 February 2009


This is a summary of the more interesting items of bird news that have not previously featured here.

LITTLE EGRET: 12 roosted at Stanborough Lakes on 14 (Anthony Dorman), with 3 at Ickleford Common on 20 (Richard Webb)
EURASIAN BITTERN: Rye Meads RSPB on 7 (V.Buckel)
**BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE: an adult winter in front of the Amwell Viewpoint from 0720-0745 at least on 19 (several observers?)
SHORT-EARED OWL* - two birds on the Icknield Way midway between Royston and Therfield from at least 1-9 February
BARN OWL - singles at Graveley on 7 (T.Hemmings), Weston on 8 (R.Broadie), Whitwell on 12 (B.Peddar) and Cottered on 18 (P.Moore), with 2 at Rye Meads on 7 (V.Buckel)
LESSER SPOTTED WOODPECKER: a male in Northaw Great Wood on 18 (R.Callf) and another in Cassiobury Park on 23 (Ian Bennell).
MARSH TIT: 8 in Northaw Great Wood on 18 (R.Callf)

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