Friday, 6 February 2009


Here is a compilation of noteworthy records in Hertfordshire, recorded in the period 24 January to 6 February, which have not been highlighted here before

I am most interested in a report of a EURASIAN BITTERN at Sarratt on 18 January. Can somebody kindly furnish me with further details - this is a very important record and a bird I would like to search for. It is likely to be in Buckinghamshire. As usual, it is an anonymous report.

**COMMON BITTERN: one mobbed by crows as it flew up the Chess River Valley, landed briefly on private land and then flew off towards Sarratt village (unknown observer)

COMMON SHELDUCK: 1 arrived at Tyttenhanger Willows Farm Pool on 1 February (Clifford Smout) and remained in the area until at least 6 February, with 3 at Amwell NR on 4 February
PINTAIL: 1 at Amwell NR on 2-4 February (Alan Reynolds)
*DUNLIN: 1 reported at East Hyde on 3 February (T Easter) - the first in Herts this year and an extremely unusual visitor at this location
GREEN SANDPIPER: singles at Tyttenhanger GP on 24 January, at Beech Farm on 25 January, the long-staying bird at Scotsbridge Mill to 5 February at least, still 4 at Lemsford Springs on 2 February (Clifford Smout)
*JACK SNIPE: 2 at Lemsford Springs on 4 February (P Moss) with one still present today (Barery Trevis)
PEREGRINE: 1 at Woodoaks Farm on 26 January (Geoff Lapworth), with a juvenile at Amwell NR on 27 January (David Booth) and the regular escaped individual on Southgate House, Stevenage, on 26-30 January (A Ford et al)
Little Owl: 2 calling at Felden (Colin Everett)
BARN OWL: 1 along the A5183 by Rothamsted Park on 27 January (Darin Stanley)
Stock Dove: 64 at Puckeridge on 3 February (Murray Orchard)
COMMON STONECHAT: the male remained at Woodoaks Farm until at least 1 February (Geoff Lapworth)
Blackcap: singles in suburban gardens in Welwyn Garden City on 24 January, Jersey Farm on 25 January, Codicote on 31 January, Hitchin on 2 February, Hertford on 3 February, 2 males near Hemel Hempstead
Common Chiffchaff: 2 at Amwell NR on 29 January (Ernest Leahy) with 1 at Stanborough Lakes on 1 February (Anthony Dorman)
Marsh Tit: Puckeridge on 3 February and Panshanger Park on 4 February
Siskin: 120+ at Lemsford Springs on 28 January (P Moss) with 30 over Shire Park, Welwyn, on 3 February (W Bishop)

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