Friday, 27 February 2009


As for the Cassiobury Park pair of LESSER SPOTTED WOODPECKERS, the directions are thus -:

Park in the main car park signposted Cassiobury Park (off of the main Watford road) and then walk diagonally across the field to the green bridge across the river. The area beyond is affectionately known as 'The Meadow' (two lovebirds were kissing & cuddling there today) and the Lesser Spots show up in the tall trees both sides of the open area. Many of these trees are dead and rotting and ideal for drumming and feeding Lesser Spots and to be in with a chance, you really need to be on site between 0830 and 1030 hours (the optimum period for activity). The male generally appears from the left, announces his arrival with his loud 'kekking' call and feeds for a while. You can hear his soft tapping on the wood and every now and again he will burst into a long cry. He usually flies from the left to the right side of the track (which is very wet and flooded by the way, wellingtons advisable) and then feeds or drums for about 20 minutes before flying off.

Last year the pair bred just 80 yards away from the meadow and I am hoping they will do the same again this year. The pair showed well at the site this morning (Lee G R Evans)

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