Tuesday, 14 July 2009

MONTAGU'S HARRIERS still in area...but frustratingly still no nest found

The pair of MONTAGU'S HARRIERS were both present again this afternoon, showing again in the Deadman's Hill area (Geoff Young et al). Despite extensive searching, the nest site still has not been located (please email me immediately if you stumble on it so that any landowners/farmers can be contacted to prevent the nest being destroyed by cultivation and harvesting - LGREUK400@aol.com)

A pair of immature MONTAGU'S HARRIERS attempted to nest in this area three seasons ago but deserted after just a few weeks. The female remained for about three weeks (in the Therfield Heath area) but the first-summer male moved west to Sandon and remained in that area for several more weeks, affording excellent views to many observers (The late Nick Sampford, LGRE, Jim Lawrence, et al).

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